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Amimul Ehshan

Basic Information

I'm Amimul Ehshan. I love my Country, that achieves her independence after a nine month freedom fight. I can do anything for my Country.

Work And Educations

I started my education in Moslemgonj Primary School in 2000. But, I admitted in that school in 2001. In 2006, I admitted into Moslemgonj High School. From there, I went to Nishindara Fakir Uddin School and College, Bogra in 2008. After finishing my secondery school, I got admitted into Bogra Cantonment Public School and College for my Higher Secondery studies. Recently I'm studying in Daffodil International University, BSc in CSE.

Places I've Lived

I'm from Kalai, Joypurhat. Then i was in Bogra for my study. Recently I'm in Dhaka.


I'm a fun loving guy. Love to be loved. Favourite Color Blue. Favourite Language python. Favourite food noodles. Favourite flower nyctanthes. favourite person myself. Favourite Operating System Linux Mint. Favourite drinks coke. favourite movie The Imitation Game. There are so many things to say about me. Never ending! hahaha!

Sohanur SVn Helped me in Graphical Desing